Since I started training with Bahar a year ago, I've been feeling so much stronger and healthier, both physically and mentally.  We began our programme exactly one year after an extremely difficult pregnancy, and a traumatising childbirth experience - all of which left me feeling depressed, low on energy, eating alot and seriously lacking confidence throughout the following year.  I was fed up of family members commenting on my weight gain, feeling like a different person to the one I was before my pregnancy and not being able to wear what I wanted. Since meeting Bahar, I have begun to feel like old me - but a happier, fitter and more grateful version of myself.  She has coached and encouraged me into leaning how to take control of my health and wellbeing, change my bad habits one by one and to start exercising and eating well as a way of life, for myself!


During our sessions she makes me work hard without pushing me away, helps me overcome my mental obstacles (I never thought I could beat that voice that says "I can't do this!") and is always calm, pleasant and upbeat. She constantly demonstrates how much she cares about her clients' progress and is always there to remind me of our goal if ever I lack motivation, which encourages me to want the best for myself too. She has gained my trust and turned exercise into a fun experience I look forward to every week! I would definitely recommend her and will be forever grateful to have met her!   

Frimi Mandel                                                                                                                        




When I first met Bahar I was overweight by 3 stone and really unhappy with my figure. I felt out of shape, out of breath and really unhealthy. I didn't expect much from my trial session but was willing to try anyway. My first weigh-in after my first two weeks of working with her was astonishing - I had lost half a stone and was already getting into the habit of implementing dietary changes she advised. This is when I began to think I may actually be able to achieve the weight loss I had been hoping for. 


Bahar was extremely helpful and hands-on, always giving me tips to improve my eating habits, reviewing my diet and food diaries with me and making adjustments based on how often we were training, the kind of training we were doing and my work schedule at the time. She never gave me more than I could handle and made me feel at ease with every exercise we did when I felt self-conscious. She helped me grow in confidence and gave me the encouragement I needed as I struggled to get through sets.  


Today, I'm extremely happy to say I have lost 3 stone in total and have been consistently maintaining my current weight of 60kg for the past couple of months - I was 80kg when we started out! My whole lifestyle has changed and I'm starting to see muscle definition, something I never thought possible for me! I marvel at how I have grown fitter and stronger. Training with Bahar isn't just about losing extra weight, it ultimately becomes a lifestyle change.  

Neervana Thandrayen                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


I am SO pleased I contacted Bahar to be my personal trainer, she has been brilliant and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I did my initial consultation with her 3 months after my daughter was born and instantly knew she was the one to help me with my postnatal body. I have now been training with her for 6 months. Not only has she been inspiring, educational and helped me lose the baby fat, she has toned me up and made me stronger, and taught me tons about nutrition. I actually look forward to our training sessions! She's fab! 

Emma Guirao Ellis                                                                                                                                                                                                  



I have been training with Bahar for 18 months and in this time I have lost weight, increased muscle tone and grown significantly stronger. Bahar is very professional in her approach to training and always explains each exercise thoroughly. She knows exactly how to motivate me when I begin to flag and mixes up our exercise routine every week to keep things varied and to ensure each muscle group is worked regularly. She also has a good knowledge and understanding of food and nutrition and can always suggest and advise on which foods will be the most beneficial to my training and general wellbeing. I would definitely recommend her!

Kate Screen                                                                                                                                                                                                   



My fitness journey with Bahar began in October 2014, with the realisation that I needed to lose weight for my impending wedding in June 2015. Suffering from an underactive thyroid for almost 5 years had led to me gaining almost 3 stone in weight. Having been underweight for most of my teenage years and early twenties, this was a whole new phenomenon for me - I was now gaining weight even though I hadn’t changed my eating habits.


I was looking for a female trainer who understood my medical conditions and what I wanted to achieve aesthetically. I was extremely apprehensive about our first session, as I had tried to lose weight previously, mostly through cardio, but hadn’t enjoy it and didn't have any real success. Upon meeting Bahar I instantly felt comfortable and was drawn to her warm, encouraging and educational approach to training. Once you meet her and train with her you begin to believe that you can achieve! Any trainer I previously trained with pushed me so hard during my first session, making no real connection with me or encouraging me the way I needed to be encouraged, that I'd never want to return!


B's approach to transforming your body is much more intelligent - it's all about self belief and changing your mindset. I fell in love with the weights and HiiT training we were doing and enjoyed seeing my progress not only in appearance but in strength and skill. She explained to me that strength training over the long term will enable your body to burn more calories at rest and maintain a toned and firm appearance without becoming bulky.  After my first session I knew that I wanted to commit to this 100%. I wanted to look amazing in my wedding dress and to also become healthier and change my lifestyle. I gave myself 8 months to achieve my goals, booked a course of training sessions and my journey began.


Her guidance with nutrition also helped my transformation significantly. My downfall has always been sugar and a lack of preparation when it came to snacking. As I am a vegetarian, she educated me so well in where I could obtain my protein sources and how to keep my energy levels stable when eating to lose weight. Her nutritional advice was so valuable and I learned so much about food choices - I even a bit of an epiphany about how I viewed food. Food was now something that I used to fuel my body rather than something I relied on to “pick me up” when I was tired or unhappy. In total I lost 2 stone and I was so happy with how I looked on my wedding day.


The change was dramatic and it was so lovely to receive so many compliments both in the run up to and on my special day. I cannot thank Bahar enough for her encouragement, advice, motivation, support and sometimes counselling in the lead up to my wedding. Her personality shines through in every session and she has a natural talent to inspire you to change your lifestyle. After my honeymoon, I felt that it was important to continue my training regime and I wanted to continue to train with Bahar. I had really missed our training sessions and was so anxious that I'd put on lots of weight relaxing in The Maldives. She weighed me during my first session post-wedding and I was so relieved to find out that I had only put on 1kg which I really put down to the strength training and the long-term dietary changes I made. I've also realised that after sessions I feel strong, energised and ready for my day ahead.


I cannot recommend Bahar enough and have recommended her to many of my work colleagues, friends and relatives. It has been quite an inspiring journey for me and I couldn’t have done this without her.

Angela Gallagher                                                                                                                                                                  

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